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★★★★★ Simeon G.

I requested to have the A/C ducts in my rental property replaced. They were very old with many holes.  The house was not cooling properly.  So, I called my property manager Ms Karen.  The ducts were replace within 3 days of my call to my property manager.  Karen is amazing.  Give her a raise. 

★★★★★ Jim W.

Shannon Dailey has been absolutely efficient and professional. She brings service excellence to new heights. I couldn't be more pleased with all of her help managing our properties.

★★★★★ RJW Homes

Shannon is the best to work with. Very well organized, attention to detail,  responds back to all messages and emails, and professional. Any concerns or questions on a job Shannon has an instant answer to the solution. Fantastic asset for Suncoast Property to have on their team.

★★★★★ Shatavia K.

I had to move out my last place due to owners selling the home i went to other companies but they had a week to 2 week process time I found Suncoast. And told them my situation and they did the approval and move in really fast

★★★★★ Simeon C. O. Golden

I absolutely love Sun Coast Realty. So far, it has been my experience that everyone returns my calls in a timely manner. Everyone is so professional. They are patient with me, and they genuinely seem concerned about matters that I care about the most.

I moved in a beautiful home that was the victim of Hurricane Matthew. Everyone, so far, has been wonderful. They call to check on me and my rental property. They have sent various companies to do as much as they can to make me comfortable while they make the repairs needed.

Many of my friends said that I was going to have to be firm in order to get things done quickly. That was not the case at all. I have been able to simply ask that certain things get done, and they have been done immediately.

This is my experience so far with this company. My property manager, Karen, is amazing. I will never rent from another property management company as long as this one operates this way. You have to rent or buy from this company. They will impress you.

I will post another review after all of the repairs have been made. However, I am sure their professionalism will not change. Its so nice to rent from a company that doesn't just want your money. They care about your satisfaction with their services.

★★★★★ Barbara Gordon

I was looking for information on an management company and spoke with Melissa,  she was very professional and informative.  I would recommend this company to any one looking for property management or rental properties.

★★★★★ Lindita Corri

Shannon Daily is very professional and easy to work with. She is always answering answering any questions you have

★★★★★ Frances Snyder

I like this park and it has gotten better over the last couple or so yrs that I have been living here in Metro North Park. Sandra, the manager here, has made things here at the park so much better since she has been here and is very trustworthy unlike past managers that have been here! Any and all maintenance done to the park is a major plus for the residence here as well as for future tenants and families! So far you guys are doing a good job with what is getting done! Please work with Sandra though so she will stay here and keep things in order!

I reside at Metro North Park and since Ive been here when it was Trailer Village, this park has come a long way! Through bad managers and bad tenants! Since Sandra has been here, this park has greatly improved and we want her to stay so it continues to get better and things get done properly here! Between Sandra and you guys, this park will be so much better for now and future tenants! Please work with Sandra so she will stay and help this park get back to the top where it should be and more family friendly! So far you guys are doing a good job with our park! KEEP IT UP!

★★★★★ Vanessa Bonner

Shannon Dailey has been a Pleasure to work with! We have been able to build a great relationship with Sun Coast Property Management with Mrs. Dailey and the rest of the team over there being essential liaisons!! We @ Buddy's Landscaping & Maintenance LLc. find Mrs.Dailey to be a + 10

I love working  with Megan Robling she has been a pleasure to partner with!

★★★★★ Lauren K

Suncoast was very quick with my entire moving process. Spoke a lot with Gretchen who was able to explain things clearly. Couldn't have asked for a better experience. Thanks for making things easy!

★★★★★ Patrick J

Shannon was such a great help. Will definitely recommend y'all to all my friends.

★★★★★ Donnella M

Mrs.Kay Lopez was amazing she helped us very much she was excited about the move just as we were helping us get things done ASAP she is truly amazing and made this experience simple and easy will recommend her to anyone thank you again!

★★★★★  Carla M

Kay Lopez was a great help. She helped us move in within 24 hrs. I would recommend her to anyone that is looking for a home !! KAY LOPEZ IS GREAT !!!!!!!!!

★★★★★ Joe D

This is a great company to work with I have had many dealings in the past with them and always found them very professional and easy to work with. Chris, Gretchen, Mark, Chandler and Leslie, are the best!!

★★★★★ Olman T

Melisa was very helpful. And every time i needed assistant she gave it to me.