Property Types

Wholesale Properties:

For the most part these are properties that are in some sort of disrepair.  These properties are being sold “as is” and will need some degree of rehabilitation/renovation.  It could be as simple as painting and changing the carpet to replacing the roof and re-piping the water supply.  These properties are only recommended to the savvoy investor that has a strong understanding of construction or works very closely with a reputable contractor.

Turnkey Residential Rentals:

These are properties that have been fully rehabilitated/renovated with tenants.  Each property is managed by a fully liscensed property management company.  Each tenant is required to sign a minimum of a 1 yr lease.  These properties are priced and sold based on a Capitalization Rate.

Fully Renovated Homes:

These properties have been fully rehabilitated/renovated.  These properties are sold to individuals looking for a place to make a home .  These properties are priced using market appraisals

Commercial Properties (Land):

Properties that are held in our portfolio that have not yet been developed

Commercial Investment Properties:

Properties with commercial/retail tenants.  These tenants are usually on long term 10 to 15 year triple net leases