The Importance of Changing Your Air Filter


Changing your air filter in your home is beneficial to your health. Replacing your filter ensures healthier and cleaner air. Leaving the same filter in for too long collects Dust Mites, Pollen and other small particles, this is particularly important to people with Asthma. 

Not only is changing the air filter in your home frequently beneficial to your health it is also beneficial to your pockets. Checking your air filter regularly increases the longevity of your system. A clogged system can cost you thousands in repairs, not only can your system malfunction it can raise the cost of your electricity bill. A dirty filter uses much more energy than a new filter. By keeping your filter regularly replaced you can save up to 15% of cost per year. 

Depending on which system you have you should change your air filter every 1 to 3 months. If you have a cat or dog change every 60 days. Add a few pets or someone with allergies, change every 20-45 days. You can find the information for a new filter on your system and shouldn't need a handyman to change it. It should be fairly easy to change and at a small cost to your pockets.