Eight Storage Solutions and Ideas

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Throughout the year we often find our selves only using an item for a short time. Whether its clothes, tools, winter or summer shoes, extra blankets in the winter, etc. To keep from cluttering there are many ways we can store such things.  When you dont have to time, funds or space for a full on renovation you have to get creative.

Here are 8 clever storage ideas and solutions for your home.


2. Suitcases make great storage space-

Store items in suit cases. Again, those winter boots, scarves,etc. You can squeeze suitcases almost anywhere. The attic, closet, also under the bed. Or if you cute/stylish luggage you can stack them up. 

1. Under the bed storage-

 If you have a bed that sits off the ground you can fill storage bins and slide them right underneath. I personally have mine filled with winter clothes at the moment. 


4. Shelves- 

You can never go wrong by hanging shelves on the wall. Many people stack books on them. Shelves have many purposes, plants, decorative items, picture frames, clocks and more.

3.Bathroom Cabinets-

You can often find over the door shoe organizers fairly cheap. If you cut these in halves you can hang them inside the cabinet and stock them with extra soaps, hair accessories, curling irons, blow dryers and much more.   


5. Old Shower Caddies-

Reusing items around your home can be beneficial. Maybe its time to buy a new shower caddy? Instead of throwing the old one out buy a small can of paint and repaint it. Hang it on the wall in your office or bathroom and store cute jars on it. Fill it them with pencils etc. 



6. Old Shoe Boxes- 

If you have any shoe boxes laying around wrap them in decorative paper and use them as storage boxes. I keep coloring pencils and crayons in mine. I saw a post on Pinterest where someone cute holes in the side to put their phone chargers in and placed it on their nightstand. 


7. Hang Hooks-

Hang hooks in the kitchen above the stove or sing to store utensils such as spatulas, spoons, or even pots and pans. It keeps the clutter down and its easy to reach.  



                                    8. Using Containers-

Instead of keeping food in bags and boxes use storage containers and jars. You can stack them and compact them to where they take up less space. Plus they look elegant.