Pumpkin Carving!


Halloween will be here Wednesday, and that means it’s time to visit the pumpkin patch and start carving! Here are some tips and hacks to make sure you have the best pumpkin masterpiece in your neighborhood!

The Perfect Pumpkin

download (9).jpg

In order to have the best carved pumpkin, this means that you need to begin with the best pumpkin in the patch! Make sure to visit a pumpkin patch this weekend in search of the “perfect” one. Make sure the pumpkin is firm with no bruises, has a nice and sturdy stem, and a flat bottom to make carving easier!

Preparing your Pumpkin


The first step in creating your pumpkin is going to be to clean it out. To do this, try making the opening at the bottom of the pumpkin instead of around the stem. This is going to prevent the pumpkin from caving in at a faster rate.

Make sure the pumpkin is completely cleaned out. The less weight, the better. Try and scrape down the area where you would consider the “face” of the pumpkin so carving through is easier.



We all want to have the perfect jack-o’-lantern design. Try to ensure your design is accurate by tracing what you have decided. Print out the design and trace this onto the pumpkin or make your own drawing right on the pumpkin itself! Another way to trace the design it to poke holes in the stencil while the design is taped on the pumpkin.


Hold the pumpkin in your lap in order to create the face at a better point of view. Make sure to use a dull knife if you are holding the pumpkin.

Make the big areas easier to handle by taking large chunks out at once. You can add finishing touches and small carvings at the end! You can also use the scraps to make a more creative pumpkin. Use pieces as hair, a tongue, or accessories.