Preparing your home for fall


Fall is here and that means that it is time to switch all your decorations over for the season. Before you add the spooky decorations for Halloween, try to add little changes to make your house change with the season.

Plaid Blankets


Dress up you porch, couch, or even your bed with plaid blankets. This is an easy change that is bringing the warm fall colors in. Plaid blankets, or even fall colored blankets, will bring the texture and warm feeling of the season. Another easy change is to add accent pillows to use more fall colors in your home.


Pumpkins are a crafty and cute way to add more fall on the table. You can use a plastic pumpkin vase and create a centerpiece to use year after year! You can also use a real pumpkin for a different look every time.


Mantle-Decor-101-Take-a-Look-at-This-Fall-Fireplace-1 (1).jpg

The fireplace is not just meant for stockings! Dress up you mantle with fall banners, signs, and pumpkins. This is a focal point in you home. The fireplace is where most of your guest surround and you want this to represent fall as well. Be sure to add in orange, red, and yellow to bring fall inside.



Add rustic and autumn accessories around your home. Make different arrangement to bring the feeling throughout the house. Rustic baskets will add a farm house look and are great to use with the fall colors. Adding some autumn flowers and elements will bring the centerpiece to a life.