~Preparing for Summer~

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 We all know that living in Jacksonville it gets pretty toasty in the summer.  As summer approaches we want to take caution with staying cool and hydrated. There are many precautions we can take and should take from overheating.  Some tips for staying cool are: drinking plenty of water, trying not to use your oven. Instead cook on the grill. Who doesn't love grilled food? Use sunscreen! Not only do you not want the annoying sunburn but you also don't want sun spots. Lets get outside and enjoy our summer by having fun and being aware of the dangers of over heating. 

Enjoyable outdoor ideas!

  • Go for a bike ride! Jacksonville Beach has a bunch of bike rentals for a cheap price (a personal favorite). You can always take a splash in the water afterwards and cool off!
  • Have a Picnic in your favorite park. Jacksonville has over 20 parks. So pack a healthy lunch with some fruit to keep cool. (My kids love frozen grapes) 
  • Take a family trip to the Jacksonville Zoo! They have a nice splash pad area for kids to run around in. Big hit!

There are also plenty of indoor activities if you're not a big fan on outdoor activities.

  • You can watch a matinee, at Regal Cinema on Tuesday's and Wednesday's for just $1 per person.
  • Go for a swim, Cecil Aquatics Center has a nice indoor pool. They have 2 pools, one Olympic sized and one kid pool. The cost is $1 per family member.  
  • Visit your local Jacksonville Public Library because who doesn't love a good book to read? Plus they have a fun Reading Buddies group (my kids love this). They also have a science group and on the first Friday of the month they have movies. All FREE!

Get out of the house this summer and enjoy it. Don't forget to stay hydrated, use sunscreen and HAVE FUN! - Suncoast Property Management