Preparing for Back-to-School Season


Transitioning to back-to-school time is always a hassle. As a parent, you need to transition just like your child does for this busy time of the year. You are always questioning yourself on if you are prepared for the new school year or not. Organization can take you a long way! Here are some tips on how to get prepared and be excited again for the new school year!

Your sleep routine needs to get back on track! 

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To calm down the stress of getting ready for school in the morning, try and have a sleeping schedule. This is going to ensure that you are ready for the day and you can prepare your child as well. Try starting this, with your child, two weeks before school starts. This is going to help you gradually change your schedule. 

School supplies is the main task to over come!

Schools have so many supplies that your child is required to have. Go shopping early and avoid the rush. Make sure you have enough supplies so they are prepared for their first day. They are always worried about starting school, don't let them worry about being prepared.  Stock up on binders, notebooks, pencils, pens, and sticky notes.

Set up a homework area in your home!

Homework is stressful and is not the first thing your child will ever want to do. Make them want to do homework and give them a specific area. Make sure they have enough lighting, space, and privacy. Keep the noise down so they can focus! Make sure there are no distractions in the area that can make them procrastinate. Also, make sure you are close enough to this area to assist them when they need help! 



Main back to school tips:

Stay organized! Make sure you reduce extra papers and have a clear scheduled of what you and your child need to accomplish daily. 

Turn off the TV and video games. Make sure they are completely focused on the task at hand. Keep TV and video games from them until they are finish. This can motivate them to work harder and then they have more time to spend with the family. 

Review the school rules and information. This one is mainly for the parents! Make sure you know the dress code and expectations of your child so that you are setting them up for success. 

Make an after-school plan as well. Have a fun activity planned for after school. Let them relieve some stress after a long day and then get to homework!