Outdoor Holiday Decorating Ideas

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The holidays are almost here! It is time to pull out the Christmas lights and prepare your home for the holidays too. Make the outside of your house one that catches your eye. This is the grand entrance into your home, make it one that everyone remembers.

Front Entryway

Make your entryway one that catches your eye. Once the sun goes down, you want the entryway to stand out from the others. Make the entrance appealing in the day and the night. A great addition to your front entrance is to have the decorations leading from the driveway to your front door. This will bring a more welcoming feel to your home.


Holiday Wreath

The holidays bring many visitors to our homes. The holiday wreath is going to be the first thing they see before they enter your home. Customize this piece and make this the grand entrance to your holiday decorations indoors. Make it more personal and add your last name.

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Mailbox Decor

Bring holiday cheer to your mailbox as well. With all the packages and mail you will be receiving this month, why not make your mailbox just as festive? Garland on the mailbox post is a classy look as well and the addition of lights will allow you to have an attractive display whether it is day or night.

Traditional Lights

Go for a traditional look and add your lights along your gutters. This is a simple look and will also allow space for plenty of lights.