Organizing with your kids!


Kids have more toys and cups then we could possibly want in the home. The colorful kid items tend to stick out in the home. Reduce the mess with storage ideas and little tips on how to keep up with the mess.

Living Room

The living room is the one space where we spend almost all our time. Most of us want to keep the toys out of sight when guests are over. Try using Ottomans in the living room to reduce the clutter. These will hold a lot of toys and allow them to be hidden. This is also a functional way to keep the living room to your style and hiding the toys. This is also an easy way to have them clean up the space.



  1. Keep books and art supplies upstairs in the kids’ room. This reduces the mess that can be created in the living space downstairs.

  2. Keep most of the toys in their room or in the playroom and only allow a certain amount to be taken out of the rooms.

  3. Make cleaning up a game for the kids. Give them rewards of extra play time for fast clean up or helping each other out.

    1. Give them a shopping cart so that they can play a game for cleanup.


Keep your cabinets organized by having your kids’ cups in a lower cabinet. Try putting their cups in the island, if you have one, so the cabinet is easier access for them. This reduces the mess they can create because they are able to reach.

Do the same with the kid’s other kitchen item. Place the bowls and plates in a lower drawer so they can access them as well.