Making space in your garage!


We all have that pesky garage space that never seems to be organized. Don't you wish that you can actually store your car inside your garage again instead of clutter? Well this page is just the right thing for you if you would like to actually see your car in your garage again. These are some ways to organize your garage and get the most of your extra storage space!


Bike Racks: 

Bikes are a big item that most of us have in our garages. Especially if you have a family, these bikes can take over usable garage space that you have. A great way to get more space is to purchase a bike rack like in this picture. This way you can store all of your families bikes against the wall. This is taking up about 1/2 of the space, maybe even less, then they did before! This is also a good way to get to the other bikes without knocking them all over, because i'm sure you have done that too!


Overhead container storage:

These overhead storage racks can pick up the clutter you have on the ground. These are great to store the containers you need, but you do not use that frequently. Having these overhead storage racks are handy for putting all of your decorations. You can store Christmas decorations here and you can even put the tree box above so it is out of sight. This will then leave much more available space for you since you do not need these boxes down all year long.


Tool Storage: 

Tools are one item that can be lost and scattered in seconds. There are so many small pieces that need to be together. I know my garage used to have nails scattered on the floor from boxed being knocked over. Using a tool box can organize this clutter. This is going to make searching for tool much faster. This is also leaving you with more space.

Garage Shelving:

These shelving units are easy to put together and they are very useful. This is great for storing the extra items you don't have room for inside. You can store the extra paper towels, baby toys, dog food, and even old clothes. This is a good way to make sues of the space and to keep that clutter out of the home and off the garage floor.