Living with your dogs


Living with your dogs can be a crazy mess. They have thier own belongings just like we do. Keep room in your home for your dog but also make what they need disappear. You can hide the necessary items as part of your decor. These are cute ways to keep the necessities out of the way and keep your furry friend happy.

Dog Bed


We all have dog beds laying all over our home, they stand out more than we would like them too. Make sure your dog has a cozy place to sleep, but you can do this in a way to enhance your decor. Try to make thier dog bed part of the decoration and not a random piece on the side. You can also have the bed on the bottom of your coffee table so it is hidden, decorated, and they can sleep close to you while staying off the furniture.

Dog Food 

Strategically place the dog bowl in you home. We all have a dog bowl that gets in the way. Having your dogs eating area built into the kitchen will avoid the issue of tripping over the bowl and spilling the water every day. This will also reduce food and water all over the floor which makes a large mess. You already have the dog bowls in the kitchen, why not make them hidden?



Make your dogs leash spot part of your decorations. Stop throwing your leash on the floor or over a chair, have a designated spot to reduce the mess and this is also a great way to make the leash part of your decor. Use a leash and treat holder near your front door so you are ready when they want to leave and you save time hunting for the leash!


Try and stay clear of fabrics that can easily be destroyed or used as a toy. Use fabrics that are tassel free and more durable than others. Try and purchase blankets that are tighter threading to reduce the blanket tearing from your dogs nails. Keep in mind the dirt your pet can bring in the home and think about getting dark furniture colors. Stay clear of silk, velvet, and light colored furniture.

Toys and Treats


Store treats and toys as part of your rooms decorations. Store treats in decorative canisters on your counter so they are out of sight and they look like part of your room. Try to do the same with your dog food and store a small decorative container inside and the excess in the garage. Keep your dogs toys organized in a bin or trendy basket. This will reduce toys all over the house and when guests are over they are easily hidden.