Labor Day!


Labor Day is right around the corner. This is an extra day off work, which means an extra long weekend! Take some time to hangout with your family that doesn't involve fighting the crazy crowds at the beach. These are at home events you can plan to do for the labor day weekend!

Camping home

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Make a fun little get away for the kids to have a fun weekend as well. Make a camp site in your back yard. Grab the tent, sleeping bags, and s'mores! This is a fun way to have the kids spend some technology free time together and this gives all the parents a chance to relax with there kids and make some dinner over the fire.



Have a bring your own barbecue party! Hosting a party can be very expensive, have all your friends bring there favorite BBQ dish and have a little bit of everything! Enjoy the BBQ food, some beverages, and let the kids play some outdoor games. 

Movie Night

Gather all your friends, family, and kids and have a movie night. Grab a small projector and use this on your house for a fun and easy night. This is a great way to relax and spend time with family and still entertain the kids with the long weekend. You can even make this a bigger event and have a movie theater themed back yard party for everyone. 

Pool Day


Of course you can always host a pool party! Have the BBQ going and a pool party for everyone. Do not deal with the crowds at the beach, enjoy the relaxation at your own pool. You can even pack a cooler at the community pool and spend time there.