Kitchen Hacks


The kitchen has the most storage available, yet it is never enough. With the amount of cooking utensils and food we all have for our families we struggle to keep the kitchen organized. Use these hacks to solve the most frustrating kitchen storage issues we all have!


Labeled Containers

Organizing your pantry doesn’t mean you need a bland design. These containers are functional, and stylish. This is going to save you time in searching for what you need and is a stylish take on organizing your pantry.

Hanging Storage


Take advantage of all the space you can find. Hang pot holders on the door or on the inside wall of the pantry. This hack will reduce the clutter and keep your items in a designated area.


Install drawers in part of your pantry. Drawers will reduce clutter and allow you to see what you have in the pantry. This is great to have the kids snack for easier access.

Fruit Storage


Having your fruits and vegtables in a hanging organizer mays seem a bit strange until you actually do it. This is going to reduce the unneccesary counter space that is being used. This can also be a stylish way to help you organize all the produce that you do have.


Pot Lids

Storing pots and pans is the most space consuming items to store. Reduce the space that is used by hanging the lids in cabinet doors or the pantry doors. This is allowing them to be accessible and keeps them organized as well.

Packet Storage


Use caddies in your pantry to create a wall organizer. The flimsy packets can cause a mess in the pantry and fall all over the floor. This will reduce the mess and allow you to see what you have in the pantry.