How to Reduce Dust in the Home


When it comes to dust in your home you can never fully eliminate it completely, its a continuous problem that everyone has to deal with.  However, the best solution is to keep out as much as possible and regularly keep on top of it through proper cleaning. Below I have provided some effective ways to do as such. 

  • Door Mats- Using sturdy door mats on the inside and out of your home to trap dirt and dust will cut down the amount that come into your home significantly.

  • Vacuuming- The best way to eliminate dust is with vacuuming. The general rule is to vacuum each room once per week and the high traffic areas every other day. Make Sure to use the hose to get in the corners of baseboards and tight spaces.

  • Feather DustersFeather Dusters Are a big NO NO! They Don't have much use, other than just pushing dust around. The best materials to use when dusting are; a microfiber cloth, dusting spray and a vacuum hose with the brush. 

  • Forgotten Areas- Ceiling fan blades are a big item to keep up with as they hold lots of dust. Besides, who wants to cut a fan on and have dust fly over their heads? Blinds, they are a pain to clean but if not done regularly it becomes a tough task. On top of places like bathroom cabinets, refrigerators, cabinets, etc.

  • Pets- Pets carry extra dust and shed often, Make sure to run the vacuum brush over the air vent to get any excess pet hair off.