How to Prevent Mold


Mold can be quite scary for many reasons The main reason being it can produce allergens and toxins that can be harmful to your health. It can be very bad if its growing undetected in your home. It can grow anywhere, drywall, carpet, inside walls around leaking pipes, bathroom tiles and ceilings.The answer to mold prevention is moisture control. 

  • Identify problem areas- Maybe you notice condensation on your windows or a water spot on the ceiling above your shower. Some problems may be a minor fix such as sealing the window a little better or installing a mold resistant product. However, no matter what you want to address the area before it becomes major. Mold can't grow without moisture.

  • Reduce Humidity- Mold grows anywhere after the humidity is 55%. The Best way to keep humidity low in your home is through ventilation. Open windows during the day while its hot. It's important to ventilate the rooms that keep moisture like the bathroom and kitchen. Try using a Dehumidifier as they can reduce the humidity.

  • Minimize mold spores- Mold spores enter homes through windows, doors, air ducts, etc. They can also be transported inside attached to skin, clothing, hair, pets, etc. To minimize mold spores clean and dust often. Also vacuum your home regularly.

  • Use sunlight- Try to keep the blinds open or the curtains pulled back. Mold grows in dark, damp places.

If you think you have a mold problem and aren't sure how to fix it you can always call a professional for a second opinion. It's better to be safe than sorry and let what could be a problem become out of hand.