Functional and Stylish Ways to Organize your Home


Organizing and storage is always a common concern we all have when decorating a room. We have so many different items that we need but we do not want to have them out on display. These are some ways that you can have the extra storage, stay organized, and stay stylish.


Bathroom storage:

Bathroom storage is always a concern when you have  a small half bath in your home. A stylish way to store towels and bathroom necessities are cute hanging baskets. This way you have everything you need for guest in a clean, organized way. 


Entrance way:

The entrance of your home should not be a crazy clutter mess of shoes, purses, jackets, and book bags. This functional piece of furniture can solve the mess. You have some baskets to hide those dirty shoes so your home is still stylish. The hooks are great to have to organize your kids school bags as well. This way the bags are off the floor. You can also store extra keys in the baskets to reduce clutter on your counter.


Sitting area:

In your living or family room you always need space for the game controllers, remotes, and blankets. This is an eye catching piece of furniture that can store all your living room items and it is a stylish piece for your home. You can use a chest, storage ottomans, or a built in shelf table. These are great ways to have the storage and the style.


Kids play area:

The kids play room is always the first place to need organized. You can use these cute organized shelves that add a pop of color to the room. This way your kids can learn how to put items away and they can have a spot that is away from the floor.