Decluttering Your Home


" To everything there is a season, a time to keep and a time to cast away."- Ecclesiastes 3:6

Less mess means less stress!


Everyone has clutter they can get rid of. You'll be surprised how much decluttering your home can improve your life. Many of us feel overwhelmed when it comes to the idea of decluttering. We come up with a ton of excuses " I will need this someday, so and so gave this to me, i spent money on that." The list goes on. Like most things in life the most important step is just getting started. 


1. Make a checklist

  • Having a check list to follow can be essential in your clutter free journey. It will have you checking for items you could easily overlook and not give a second thought about. 

2. Choose where to start-

  • Pick the spot that causes the most stress to you. If you have an area that makes you want to run away or not look at it, pick that one.

  • Whether it's a bedroom, junk drawer, or garage start in one spot and start small.

3. Give it away!

  • We often keep many things we don't need. It collects dust, we forget about it or just don't find use for it anymore.

  • Those old books, shoes, clothes, kids toys and more give them away. Find someone who will appreciate (new to them) items. You will not only feel good about helping some one but you will also get rid of things you don't need. 

  • Don't have any one in mind? Donate them to a salvation army or similar place.

4.  Trash it- 

  • Junk mail, extra loved clothing or shoes, broken items, or odd socks. throw it in a trash bag and see how quickly it piles up. 

  • Go through the bathroom and trash those empty bottles of shampoo or expired medicines. 

5. Give yourself a time limit-

  • Give your self a specific amount of time (set a timer if you'd like). Whether it's 5 or 10 minutes commit to this time. This will help you complete the specific task.

  • Clear off the counter, pick a shelf, set up a filing system, pick out old clothes most of the things we need to declutter wont take more than 5 or 10 minutes.

"Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, you ought to set up a life you don’t need to escape from." -Seth Godin