Bringing Nature in your home with Decor


Bringing nature into your home is easier than it seems. There are plenty tricks and ideas to give you the open outdoor feeling inside. Try and make your home represent the outside with colors, decorations, textures, patterns, and natural elements. 


1. Add nature elements in your home. I love to have wooden candles in my home to add a rustic texture. You can also use stone for a more modern look. You can use stone clocks and bookends to add the element in your home more. Try to use picture frames with rustic wood instead of a plain black frame, the little elements will enhance the outdoor feel.


2. Add plenty of plants in your home. Bring the natural colors in your home with plants. Make your space look fresh and open with taller plants in clear jars. If you feel the room is lacking the nature feel add some more plants! Try to use them in different ways by hanging them from the wall, in a center piece, or by the TV. You can use colored flowers to add the pop of color in your home.


3. Use nature as a focal point in a room. You can go bold with this aspect as well to have an eye catching piece. You can have a unique custom piece as seen in the picture to definitely perfect the look. You can also do a stone counter to do a cleaner nature look. Another great way to achieve this look is to do an accent table. Refurbished wooden tables are unique and beautiful.


4. Use natural floors. Natural flooring brings the little imperfections in. Nature is not pristine and neither are wood floors. The different variations of color will add different elements to you home. This will set the tone of the room. You can use the floor to lighten up the room as well so you have more of an open feel. Try and stay away from dark colors that will make the room too modern or dark.

5. Keep as much natural lighting as you possibly can. Try to not cover up windows with furniture or curtains. Open the space up and show off the natural lighting. If possible, add extra windows in your home to enhance the lighting.


6. Use elements found in nature for decorations. Throw in little pieces of nature around. Instead of an empty jar use some pine cones and bark in it. Or maybe even add feathers and some leaves. This is giving the warm tones that nature has. Natual elements add different tones and textures in your home so it is not as flat of a look. This is a great look to do on bookshelves and in bathrooms.