Are you Traveling for the Summer?


Airplanes, road trips, mountains, beaches, theme parks, all of which sound like an escape from reality. Some people get stressed when traveling and that shouldn't be the case. Vacations should be fun and stress free. The biggest headache to most is planning and saving for the trip. There are a bunch of ways to save for these vacations. Many websites have year round discounts and package deals. I like to use, I recently got a great package deal going to  Las Vegas which included airfare and hotel stay. A few other good websites include: Travelocity, Expedia,  and Trip Advisor. Below I've listed a few ways to save money while on vacation.

Pack Snacks- 

 You can never go wrong with packing snacks, they keep you from spending money when you don't need to. I cant express enough how much i would spend if i didn't keep granola bars in my car. Water is also very handy. Keep a couple water bottles on hand. Why spend $4 on a bottle of water when you can spend the same amount on a case of it. Don't spend money on items you don't have to. 

Hotel Stays-

 Find a hotel with a mini fridge and microwave. It annoys me to the ends of the world when I'm in my hotel room and I get hungry or thirsty and I have to go find a vending machine or order delivery. A couple of years ago I learned it's easier to go to the nearest grocery store and buy minimal items i can heat up or store in the mini fridge. Again, buy minimal "waste not, want not." You don't want to have a bunch of items to throw away. Try to find a hotel that offers free breakfast. Also, when buying items for the trip invest in those mini reusable travel bottles and fill your own shampoo and soaps with them. They're cheaper than having to keep buying travel sized bottles. 

 Walk more-

 If you are flying and staying close to your destination (like the city) walk around. It's not only good exercise it saves on getting a car. If you do need to go somewhere a little further you can always get an Uber.  A lot of times uber has discount codes on their app and it's fairly cheap


 If you have a credit card that offers rewards then use them. Whether its points on flights or cash back rewards. Any savings help. Don't stop looking for deals/savings you will be surprised when you find out how many different places offer discounts. 

Be safe this summer traveling, use sunblock, drink plenty of water, and have fun on your vacation. 


"We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us" -Anonymous