4th of July DIY Outdoor Projects


Fourth of July is right around the corner and we all want to ensure that our homes are just as ready for the holiday as we are. We all gather together to see family, celebrate, and cook out. Most of the celebration is planned in your outdoor living space. These are some fun, and easy, do it yourself outdoor decorations to bring that patriotic feel to your celbration. 


DIY Mason Jar Lanterns

These are a cute and patriotic way to get use out of the old mason jars laying around. These jars are a cute addition to add to your outdoor living space to decorate for your holiday celebration. All you need to do is fill the bottom of the mason jar with sand, then you add your tea light in the middle of the jar, and then you simply place the flag along the back in the jar. Then you will have a cute patriotic lantern to place at the table for guests to see. These lanterns are a cute and fun way to light up your celebration!

Supplies: Mason Jar, Tea lights, Mini Flags, and Sand.



DIY Red, White, and Blue Pot

This is a cute and easy painting craft to bring some more patriotic colors to your outside living space. This is an easy to make flower pot. All you need to do is find a flower pot at your local hardware store. Then you can simply paint the flower pot in any patriotic design you chose. Try and make different patterns with multiple pots for a cite look!

Supplies: Flower pot, Red paint, White paint, Blue paint, and Paint brushes.


DIY Bandanna Silverware Holder

This DIY silverware holder is a cute and functional way to decorate. All you to be is place a red or blue bandanna in a mason jar. If you do not want to use bandannas you can also use colored napkins for the same job. Then, you place the silverware in the jar as well. You can use these at each place on the table or use them for buffet style. 

Supplies: Red and Blue Bandannas (or napkins), Silverware, and Mason jars.