Happy Cinco De Mayo!


Although we love to celebrate Cinco De Mayo with taco's, drinks, and music there is some interesting history behind the holiday. Cinco De Mayo is a day to celebrate Mexican Heritage and pride. While most Americans think it is a Mexican Independence Day, it is actually a day to celebrate the unexpected victory against the French in 1862 on May 5th (Cinco De Mayo). 

Even though we love to celebrate, we also have to drink responsibly. Always make sure you have a designated driver (who is sober)  if you're drinking. If you happen to binge drink while out, there are plenty of companies who will drive you to your designated area. Uber, Lyft, and AAA towing are a few companies that offer discounts or free rides on this date.  Remember to drink responsibly and don't let your friends drive drunk either. 

Fun Events, Food, and Drink Specials: 

  • Wicked Barley Brewing Company- Hosting their 2nd annual Cinco De Mayo Festival, from 11am-11pm. The day will be filled with taco's, live music and beer.
  • Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp- They are hosting a family movie night screening the movie CoCo starting at 6 pm and will be $1 at the gate. There will be face painting, souvenirs, and more.  
  • The Jacksonville Landing-  A free celebration with live music, drinks, and food starting at 5pm. 

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Honoring One Of Our Very Own Troops!


Our Accounting Manager: Sarah Tatum's husband, Chief Boatswain's Mate, Scott Tatum is currently overseas in the  GULF OF TADJOURA, Djibouti. Assigned to Coastal Riverine Squadron (CRS) 10. CRS-10 is forward-deployed to the U.S. 6th Fleet area of operations and conducts joint and naval operations, often in concert with allied and inter-agency partners, in order to advance U.S. national interests and security and stability in Europe and Africa. 

Thank you , Chief Boatswain's Mate Scott Tatum for your services for our Country!


The Importance of Changing Your Air Filter


Changing your air filter in your home is beneficial to your health. Replacing your filter ensures healthier and cleaner air. Leaving the same filter in for too long collects Dust Mites, Pollen and other small particles, this is particularly important to people with Asthma. 

Not only is changing the air filter in your home frequently beneficial to your health it is also beneficial to your pockets. Checking your air filter regularly increases the longevity of your system. A clogged system can cost you thousands in repairs, not only can your system malfunction it can raise the cost of your electricity bill. A dirty filter uses much more energy than a new filter. By keeping your filter regularly replaced you can save up to 15% of cost per year. 

Depending on which system you have you should change your air filter every 1 to 3 months. If you have a cat or dog change every 60 days. Add a few pets or someone with allergies, change every 20-45 days. You can find the information for a new filter on your system and shouldn't need a handyman to change it. It should be fairly easy to change and at a small cost to your pockets.


Being A Part Of Suncoast!

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  Being a part of a company you love is one of the best feelings there is. Whether It's working for a great company or buying/renting from one, paying for their services etc.  Suncoast Property Management has a very welcoming team. I have been with them for a few weeks now and I have never been more comfortable, welcomed, and involved with everyone here. One of the biggest tips to making it easy to work as a team with co-workers is taking the extra step and helping each other. 

  Our residents and investors have a stress free process when renting or buying from us. From the quality of our homes to the availability of our maintenance crew promptly responding to any issues the resident may have. Suncoast was listed as Top 3 property management on Three Best Rated for having high quality, cost, and reputation. We offer rental properties in Jacksonville and surrounding areas for your convenience.

  Being a part of Suncoast isn't just being part of a team it's also being a part of a FAMILY!


~Preparing for Summer~

summer blog.PNG

 We all know that living in Jacksonville it gets pretty toasty in the summer.  As summer approaches we want to take caution with staying cool and hydrated. There are many precautions we can take and should take from overheating.  Some tips for staying cool are: drinking plenty of water, trying not to use your oven. Instead cook on the grill. Who doesn't love grilled food? Use sunscreen! Not only do you not want the annoying sunburn but you also don't want sun spots. Lets get outside and enjoy our summer by having fun and being aware of the dangers of over heating. 

Enjoyable outdoor ideas!

  • Go for a bike ride! Jacksonville Beach has a bunch of bike rentals for a cheap price (a personal favorite). You can always take a splash in the water afterwards and cool off!
  • Have a Picnic in your favorite park. Jacksonville has over 20 parks. So pack a healthy lunch with some fruit to keep cool. (My kids love frozen grapes) 
  • Take a family trip to the Jacksonville Zoo! They have a nice splash pad area for kids to run around in. Big hit!

There are also plenty of indoor activities if you're not a big fan on outdoor activities.

  • You can watch a matinee, at Regal Cinema on Tuesday's and Wednesday's for just $1 per person.
  • Go for a swim, Cecil Aquatics Center has a nice indoor pool. They have 2 pools, one Olympic sized and one kid pool. The cost is $1 per family member.  
  • Visit your local Jacksonville Public Library because who doesn't love a good book to read? Plus they have a fun Reading Buddies group (my kids love this). They also have a science group and on the first Friday of the month they have movies. All FREE!

Get out of the house this summer and enjoy it. Don't forget to stay hydrated, use sunscreen and HAVE FUN! - Suncoast Property Management





Easter Activities Around Jacksonville!

Easter 2018.PNG
  • EGGstravaganza, 10:30 a.m.-noon, Harvest Ministries Church, 2550 Fouraker Road. Includes skits, crafts, an egg hunt for children 12 and younger, a bike giveaway and a free hotdog lunch. Registration, (904) 783-3488 or harvestministrieschurch.org.
  • Spring Games, 12:00 pm , Glynlea Grace United Methodist Church, 6429 Atlantic Blvd. Includes two egg hunts (younger and older children), food, games with prizes for first, second a:nd third place, photos with the Bunny, photos and stories with Jesus, candy and a cake walk. (904) 724-6272 or glynleagrace.com.
  •  Egg Hunt, Riverside Park, 753 Park St. -10:30 am, Registration.; four egg hunts, 11 a.m., for toddlers through fifth graders. Includes a bounce house and door prizes. Hot dog lunch available, $2. (904) 630-2489.

Great New Years Resolution Tips!

  1. Get in shape: Weight loss is a great way to stay fit and healthy, even if you walk a little a day it helps keep the fat away!

  2. Stop procrastinating: If there is something you need to take care of, it's best to just do it and get it out of the away. It gives you more time to enjoy life.

  3. Eating healthier food: Learn to eat junk food in moderation and replace those foods with fruits & vegetables. Try new recipes that have the same great taste but better for you.

  4. Giving up bad habits: Try to replace those bad habits with things you enjoy.

  5. Getting rid of all the clutter: It's proven that once you declutter your life, you will feel my organized and happier with your life.


Here Is Our Bright New Star!


Please welcome our newest leasing agent Rafael, he is here to help you with finding your new home today!

Contact information:

Tel: 904-463-9272

Email: Rcurz@suncoastpropertymanage.com

Get Organized For Christmas!

           Here Are Some Great Tips Below!!

Here Are Some Great Tips Below!!

  • Write a list of all the people you will be buying gifts for this Christmas. Work out a budget that you can afford to spend in total.
  • Give a set amount to each person on your list.
  • Now think about great gift ideas.
  • Set a date to help you buy or make these gifts.
  • Finally, think about events you may have to attend (Christmas Party, office party etc..) and whether you may have to bring a present or an entree. If so, add them to your list 
  • Christmas Day – do you know yet what that will look like? Start thinking about ideas for meals and snacks now. Start buying non-perishables (Champagne anyone?) early so you can catch some great sales to save money. You could even add one gift to your shopping trip each week so it’s not so hard on your budget.

Perfect Tips For During The Year!

  • Put money aside each month so at Christmas time you have some extra cash for the holidays.
  • Make notes in your phone if people mention things they need, like or want. Then when it comes to Christmas time, you have your list already!
  • Try and buy your gifts for next year after the holiday season when everything goes on sale.

Happy Holidays

 Happy Holidays From Your Suncoast Family!!

   From Your Suncoast Family!!


Here Are Some Great Fall Tips!!


Home Maintenance:

Gutters - Cleaning your home gutters in Florida is very important with so much debris falling into the gutter during this time. If this goes untreated it can cause serious damage to the drainage system and could leak into the ceiling and walls of your house.

Air Filters - Make sure to change your AC's filter once every couple months to make sure the fresh air is cycling through and keeping all the pollutants and dust from filtering back into your home.

Smoke Alarms - Be sure to test your smoke detectors regularly and replace the batteries as needed to make sure you & your family are safe during the holidays.


  • Take inventory of what you have
  • Organize your kitchen
  • Look out for weekly sales
  • Plan activities for the dinner table
  • Create your menu ahead of time
  • Start cooking early
  • Have the guests bring dessert
  • Most of all enjoy your family & friends

SunCoast Team Member - Kay Lopez's Puerto Rico Family needs OUR HELP!

As I am sure you are aware, the entire Island of Puerto Rico was destroyed. We have created a GoFundMe page for our team member, Kay Lopez and her family, who resides in Puerto Rico. They have lost everything. Their lifetime home has been destroyed. Kay is our dedicated Leasing Coordinator. She has been with Suncoast Property Management for years and we feel compelled to help her and her family any way we can. 

We are reaching out to you to help our cause. Please click the GoFundMe link and read their story. If you can help, in any way, we know that Kay and her family would be forever grateful. Thank you in advance for your consideration. 


Hurricane Irma


As Hurricane Irma approaches our area,  we want to take time to help you prepare for the storm. There is no question, this a serious category 5 Hurricane and is getting stronger. Our Governor has repeatedly stated that we need to prepare and be ready. If your home is in an area that requires you to evacuate, please do so.  Do not stay. If your home is not in an evacuation zone, and you chose to stay home, we highly recommend that you follow these important steps to keep you safe during this dangerous storm. As always please call 911 in an emergency!

Before the Storm:  

  • Move outdoor patio furniture, grills, etc. into a protected area, such as a garage. Loose or unsecured items left outside can become dangerous missiles during periods of high winds.
  • Back up digital videos, photos and computer records using a cloud based service like iCloud or Carbonite. 
  • Use a water/fire proof box or safe to store important documents (titles, passports, birth certificates, etc.) and valuables (jewelry, cash, precious metals, etc.) in it.
  • Conserve refrigeration. Open the refrigerator/freezer door as little possible. Set your refrigerator to the lowest setting to keep your items colder.
  • Listen to the County Warning System on the radio. Do exactly as advised. Make plans to relocate outside the affected area. Have current information on the location of the Red Cross shelters and directions to get there. If there are ill or disabled persons in the apartment, contact their doctor for instructions. If the County Warning System requires relocation, do so early to avoid traffic jams and dangerous winds. Be sure to take necessities such as prescriptions, bedding, enough food for 24 hours, flashlights and a battery-powered radio.
  • If you evacuate, take your valuables, pets, refrigerated and frozen food with you. Turn off all electrical appliances.
  • Place rolled towels around the bottom of all exterior doors and windows. Use sand bags if they are available.
  • Close all blinds to avoid shattering glass. Do not tape any windows.
  • Fill the bathroom tub with water. This water may be used for drinking should the water supply become interrupted or contaminated. It may also be poured into the toilet bowl to induce flushing.
  • Stock up on daily necessities. Items such as the following are a must: non-perishable food, bottled water, first aid kits, blankets, can opener, batteries, battery-powered radio, prescriptions, diapers, baby food, extra eye glasses, hearing aids and battery-powered lanterns.
  • Fill all vehicles with gas. In the event of loss of electricity, the gas pumps will not operate.
  • Have enough cash on-hand. In the event of loss of electricity, ATMs and debit/credit card machines will not operate.
  • Carry all important paperwork and personal identification with you.Unplug sensitive electronic equipment such as computers, wireless routers, televisions, etc. Electrical surges and lightning strikes can destroy these even if you use power strips with surge protection.

During the Hurricane:

  • Continue to listen to the County Warning System on the radio. Do exactly as advised.
  • Stay indoors! If the calm eye of the hurricane passes through the area, continue to stay indoors unless it is absolutelynecessary to leave.
  • If the electricity goes off, turn off or unplug all hazardous appliances. (i.e. stove, iron, curling irons, blow-dryers) Use flashlights instead of candles or kerosene lamps. Please be aware that emergency building lights and fire safety devices will become inactive. Take necessary precautions.
  • Use the telephone for emergencies only. Jammed phone lines may obstruct emergency calls for police, fire departments, doctors and the Red Cross disaster units.
  • Conserve refrigeration. Open the refrigerator/freezer door as little possible.
  • Remain indoors until the official "all clear" is given from the County Warning System on the radio.

After the Hurricane:

  • If you vacated your home prior to the storm, before returning, please check with local authorities to determine the condition of the roads and the surrounding area.
  • Beware of outdoor hazards. Watch out for loose or dangling power lines and report them immediately to the proper authority. All emergency numbers are in the white pages of the telephone book.
  • Walk or drive cautiously. Debris-filled streets are very dangerous. Snakes and poisonous insects may be a hazard. Washouts may weaken road and bridge structures, which could collapse under vehicle weight.
  • Use caution when cooking when flames are present. A gust of wind through a door or window could start an accidental fire and the fire department may not be readily available while hurricane winds are blowing.
  • Open the refrigerator only when necessary. Food will spoil in the refrigerator if the power is off more than a few hours.
  • Do not use water until authorities have issued the area to be a safe water area. Use the emergency supply in the tub or boil water. Report broken sewer or water mains to the proper authority.
  • Take extra precautions to prevent fire. Lowered water pressure in city mains and the interruption of other services may make fire fighting extremely difficult after a hurricane.
  • Notify our office in the event of any damages to your home. 
  • Please wipe all moisture from windows and doors.

Be patient. It takes a team effort to clean up after a storm. 

As you can imagine, many of our vendors and contractors we depend on to provide parts, labor, or technical assistance may be stretched to the limit. Because of this our response to service requests for your home may be delayed.  We sincerely appreciate your cooperation and patience during the aftermath of these storms. All life-safety issues will be responded to accordingly.  Please take the time be as prepared as possible. 

Helpful Telephone Numbers: 

If in an emergency, and you need emergency assistance, please call 911. 

If any damage is received to the home, please contact us at 904-517-5939 and listen to the prompts to reach our emergency answer service. If you call is considered an emergency, we will dispatch a contractor as soon as available.

Check Out Our Bright New Star!!

Introducing Nefertiti, she is our newest Leasing Agent and she loves helping prospective tenants finding homes. Nefe works diligently with her customers until they find a home that best fits their needs and budget.

Nefe has two children who are her world, they love to find new recipes to cook together and in her spare time they travel with family and friends. 

Nefertiti is excited to  work for Suncoast because  she immediately found that we are like a family. Nefe says, "Everyone is down to earth yet professional.  Most of all the Suncoast family is very supportive." Nefertiti loves to see the smile on her customers face and the excitement in their voice when they have found their prefect home. That's what keeps Nefe working very hard and continuing to strive for the best for our new residents.

In five years, Nefertiti sees herself continuing to  help others in their search for new homes.  One day, Nefe hopes to be a leader in the Property Management industry and maybe even owing her own company. We are so glad she is working for the Suncoast Family. We are confident that Nefertiti will make wonderful new relationships with all of her perspertive tenants!

You and your Fur Baby - Living in Jacksonville

Jacksonville may not rank very highly on any “Pet-Friendly Cities” lists but I have to completely disagree. I love animals, especially dogs and continue to find new ways to take them everywhere with me around town. I have two; a Great Dane named Moose and a Schipperke named Tucker. Both seem to follow me everywhere I go and there are constantly events around town to bring your pets with you.

                Jacksonville has some of the best dog parks, both free and paid for. Dogwood Park off of Butler Blvd does require a fee to visit (or you can get a membership at a great deal) but there are acres and acres for dogs to run and play, a large small dog area, wooded trails to walk in, a large dog lake, a swimming pool for the puppies and so much more. Dogwood offers classes such as obedience training or agility classes. You can also buy some locally made dog ice cream at Dogwood, my dogs absolutely love it. There are tons of free options as well: Jacksonville Beach has a dedicated dog park and Ed Austin Regional Park in Arlington features a small & large dog park with a 1.75 mile walking trail.

                I’ve also found that many restaurants and bars in town will happily welcome your fur babies in. I find that so many restaurants our dogs are welcomed with open arms and given water bowls, treats, and tons of love. The culture around Jacksonville is very dog-friendly, there are always people to be seen walking their dogs, carting them in strollers, or just holding on to their little dogs as they walk through a shop or two. If you’re thinking of moving to Jacksonville, don’t be afraid to bring your dogs or even find a new best friend at our amazing Humane Society. Remember, adopt don’t shop!

Suncoast Property Management welcomes Suncoast Realty FL to our Team of Companies!

Suncoast Property Management is proud to announce the newest member of the Family... Suncoast Realty FL

Suncoast Realty FL is our dedicated, full-service Real Estate firm that is created with the sincere intention to focus on our customers in the Northeast Florida area. Whether you are an investor or you're buying/selling your personal home, lot, or commercial property - we have the team in place to professionally and competently assist you throughout the entire transaction! 

Click HERE to see our current listings! And visit us HERE to speak to one of our amazing Sales Team members about buying and/or selling! 

Plenty to do in Jacksonville that wont break the bank!

I wish I could travel more! But because I can't, I am always looking for new and fun things to do nearby. Jacksonville is a destination spot for many people across the country, and though I don't speak for you, I feel privileged to live here. Below are some ideas to help you, your friends, your family and your guest enjoy all that Jacksonville has to offer us. You can also find a list of local things to do by clicking here.

The Cummer Museum is free on Tuesday nights from 4 to 9pm. Their art collection covers up to the 50's or 60s. Have you been to their garden? IT'S BEAUTIFUL! Totally worth the visit. 

The MOCA is free for families on Sunday's and free for everyone the first Wednesday of each month from 5 to 9pm. UNF students and BOA card holders can also visit for free the first weekend of each month. 

Have you ever been to the Riverwalk? If not, you need to go! Jacksonville offers us great weather much of the time... take advantage of it! The Riveralk is over one mile of a paved walkway right along the St. Johns River. Beautiful! 

What about the Friendship Fountain in San Marco... Have you been there? It's located just across the St. Johns River from downtown Jacksonville. It is so gorgeous and you can usually find live music and holiday events planned. You need to see it it appreciate the fountain. My words cannot articulate how amazing it is in person. 

Another Jacksonville event that is hugely popular in Jacksonville is the Art Walk. It's a monthly self-guided tour of local art. It is held 5 to 9pm the first Wednesday of each month. Artists and musicians are in the streets ... it's a lot of fun! 


There truly is so much more that Jacksonville has to offer. Start by visiting our Events page for more ideas! 

When you love Jacksonville and live in Clay County

As a working mother of 3 children between the ages of 3 to 9, I look forward to evenings and weekends when we get to spend time together. Attending a Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp Minor League Baseball game and enjoying some time outdoors at one of our favorite parks- Clarke House Park in Orange Park are  a couple of our favorite things to do in and around town.

If you’ve never attended a Minor League Baseball game, you’re in for a treat! It’s such a family fun environment and budget friendly! $5 per person will get you  general admission tickets and be able to enjoy a AA affiliate of the Miami Marlins! Every Friday night home game is Friday Family Fireworks where they put on a fantastic firework show after the game! Sundays are known as  “Sunday Family FUNday” and you can enjoy a game of catch with your children on the field before the game. Sundays also feature FREE face painting, balloon animals and much more directed at Fun for the Entire FAMILY! After the game, let your kids run off some energy as they run the bases at The Baseball Grounds. For more information- click here to visit the Shrimps website.

With the weather warming up outside, picnics in the park are a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon (or morning if you prefer the cooler weather). Historic Clarke House Park in Orange Park is a great place to visit. This park is more than just a playground, it’s a historic landmark! This beautiful park features a large “castle themed” playground, sand volleyball court, nature trails, gardens, lakes, pavilions and much more! Do you have a birthday party or a family event you’re wanting to hold outdoors? The park is a favorite spot for birthday parties and they have pavilions available to be rented. To find out more information about Clarke House Park and what all this beautiful place has to offer, click here to visit their website.

Written by: Jenifer Bullard of Suncoast Property Managment

Why in the World do you need Property Management Maintenance

 Suncoast Property Management, Maintenance Team

Suncoast Property Management, Maintenance Team

Most of the time, as we go through our day to day lives, we don’t even think about maintenance.  What’s the old saying? “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it!” Well what if it didn’t have to break? What if we could at least reduce the amount of times things break down? Even with our own health, a simple trip to the doctor once or twice a year can help prevent illness of other complications. Well, as it turns out our homes are no different than our bodies. Changing air filters, making sure water connections are tight, making sure your HVAC closet or area is free of dust and pet hair.. even periodically cleaning the drains in your home can prevent or lessen the expense of big repairs down the road!

Most of the calls that we receive for maintenance from our residents involve plumbing. Primarily slow drains in areas such as the bathtub or various sinks around the home. While some of these issues are out the control of anyone occupying the home, a surprising number of these issues can be prevented and resolved with simple routine maintenance. For example, a slow draining bathtub! Often, the first idea is to pour Drano or some other de-clogging agent down the drain. But, did you know that your tub stopper (that thing in the tub that holds in the water when closed, lol) can be unscrewed? It is made to catch hair so that it doesn’t go down the drain. Unscrewing that and cleaning off the hair and debris that it catches is quick, effective and FREE way to clear a clogged drain. This also works for your bathroom sinks as well!

Here at Suncoast Property Management, we are always trying to come up with better ways to serve our number one customers, our residents!

Your April “To-Do” Checklist Starts Now!

Now that spring is here, it’s time for you to step out and start your spring cleaning.

Here is a list of “to-do” items that you should start now so you can relax all the way through summertime:

Test your sprinklers and irrigation system

Don’t let puddles of water be the first sign of a malfunctioning irrigation system. Take time each month to test each spigot and repair as needed. If you don’t already have an irrigation system for your yard, consider having one installed to save time and water.

Keep mosquitoes at bay

Warm weather and long days mean we’re entering mosquito season (yuck!). Take measures by regularly checking your property for standing water and emptying it. Any open containers outside your home can become a mosquito breeding grounds when filled with rainwater, so store items like these upside down or in a garage/shed.

Add more porch appeal

Clean off the porch floor, scrub down those exterior windows, windowsills and front door. Wipe cobwebs from the ceiling and high corners. Lay down a fresh doormat, and plant a pot of flowers. If you have porch furniture, clean it off and wash the cushions.

Inspect your paths/driveways

Winter can take a toll on the solidity of asphalt and concrete. Check your paths and driveways for cracks, scheduling repairs as they are needed.

Wash windows

Welcome those spring sunrays by clearing the dirt and grime from windows inside and out. After cleaning the glass, take an extra moment to wipe the window frame and sill.

Clear clutter

It’s time for that, “spring cleaning” you’ve been putting off. Create more space in your home by clearing out those unused items. If you have a lot to get rid of, hold a yard sale, or contact a local charity to schedule a pickup. If you have a lot of one type of item (like books or clothes), look for a consignment shop in your town where you may be able to sell them.

Maintain your outside decor

Keep outdoor woodwork in tip top shape by staining or resealing it each spring. Check gates, fencing, decks, railings, outdoor structures, and make repairs when they’re needed.

Keep an eye out for termites

Starting now through June, Termites run rampant. Check any openings in the woodwork around your home or any structures for that manner. If you notice any, call a licensed professional pest-control company immediately.

Make sure you do all of these things, if they pertain to you, in order to keep your home safe and maintained in the highest way possible.

Renting Or Buying A Home? Keep This In Mind.

If you’re leasing a home, you probably know this already: The past few years, rents have been going up. And up. And up. Rents have been increasing at a faster rate than home values. While rents aren’t likely to go down anytime soon, their raising rates will stay steady than spike anytime soon.

Here are top 5 predictions for the rental market this year.

  • Rents will become more affordable. Rising rents will stabilize throughout 2017, with overall U.S. rental appreciation nearly flat, around 1.5 percent. Most of the slowdown in rental appreciation is due to a surge in multifamily constructions and home developments. More supply to meet the continuing demand helps keep the market in check, which is good news for renters.
  • More millennials will buy homes. Homeownership has been falling annually since 2006, and it remains at a near-historic low. While new households are always occurring — kids move out on their own, couples split up, roommates find their own places — most of those households are rentals. This trend may soon change, however, as more millennials start getting married or having children — leading to their next goal of buying a home.
  • Populations will shift. Urban density will increase, but the suburban migration will continue. Studies are showing millennials might be thinking about upsizing, while older Gen-Xers and boomers will be downsizing and looking for walkable neighborhoods, creating more competition for urban housing areas. Low housing inventory and higher rents will continue to push renters out of the city in search of more affordable housing, and, as a result, more people will be driving to work — a reversal of a decade-long trend — as they move outside areas served by public transportation.
  • New homes will be priced higher.  All over the U.S., construction of single-family homes haven’t been able to keep up with demand, and that may not change anytime soon. The home construction workforce is shrinking, while construction wages have risen. The labor may become even scarcer as immigration policies tighten. It’s estimated that undocumented workers make up 10 to 20 percent of the single-family construction labor force, so the loss of those workers could drive up wages even higher. The combination of rising wages and high land prices has led more builders to focus on the top-tier market — but those homes are out of reach for many first-time buyers. If there aren’t enough entry-level homes to purchase, those would-be buyers will continue to rent.
  • Interest rates will rise. Economists have been expecting interest rates to go up, and the Federal Reserve fulfilled those expectations with its modest rate increase this month. As unemployment rates fall and wages continue to grow, additional rate hikes are likely. However, a new administration in the White House supporting low interest rates, can counteract that and keep them.

Whether it’s buying or leasing, Suncoast Property Management and Southern Impression Homes are prepared for any and all situations when it comes to looking for your type of home.