Fall Desserts


We have already prepared our homes for this fall season, now the kitchen is next. Take your fall decorated kitchen and start making some tasty fall inspired desserts!


Ginger Cookies

Nothing is better than a soft, warm ginger cookie. This is a recipe for the ginger cookies your family will love. Make some hot chocolate and pair it with these delicious treats.

In a large bowl, cream butter and sugar until light and fluffy. Beat in egg and molasses. Combine the flour, ginger, baking soda, cinnamon, cloves and salt; gradually add to the creamed mixture and mix well.

Roll into 1-1/2-in. balls, then roll in sugar. Place 2 in. apart on ungreased baking sheets. Bake at 350° until puffy and lightly browned, 10-12 minutes. Remove to wire racks to cool.

Apple Crisp

This next treat is a delicious apple dessert that is easy to throw together. This warm treat is paired perfectly with soft and creamy ice cream.

Preheat oven to 350°. In a large bowl, combine the first four ingredients. Cut in butter until crumbly. Press half into a greased 2-1/2-qt. baking dish or a 9-in. square baking pan. Cover with apples.

In a small saucepan, combine the sugar, cornstarch, water and vanilla. Bring to a boil; cook and stir 2 minutes or until thick and clear. Pour over apples. Sprinkle with remaining crumb mixture.

Bake 60-65 minutes or until apples are tender. Serve warm, with ice cream if desired.

Peanut Butter Cake


There is nothing better than a cake for desert. This is a delicious peanut butter cake topped with creamy ice cream. This dessert will make your mouth water.

In a large bowl, beat the milk, peanut butter, oil and vanilla until well blended. In a small bowl, combine 1/4 cup sugar, flour and baking powder; gradually beat into milk mixture until blended. Spread into a 1-1/2-qt. slow cooker coated with cooking spray.

In a small bowl, combine cocoa and remaining sugar; stir in boiling water. Pour into slow cooker (do not stir).

Cover and cook on high until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean, 1-1/2-2 hours. Serve warm with ice cream.

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Hurricane Season is here!


Hurricane season is here and that means it is time to start preparing. Hurrican Florence is approaching the coast and you need to be ready when it’s appearance is made. Make sure to create a checklist of all the supplies you need to ensure you and your family have enough.



Make sure that you have at least one galllon per person, per day. You want to prepared for 5-7 days of no power. Make sure that you are stocked up on water for your pets as well. It is always better to be safe and stock up even more water just in case you have to make room in your home for others that need shelter.

Stock Up

What to have prepared for if a storm approaches:

  • First aid kit

  • Fire extinguisher

  • Flashlight

  • Extra batteries

  • Sleeping bags and blankets

  • Week long supply of medication needed

  • Non-perishable foods

  • Jumper cables

  • Cell phones

  • Cash



Stock up on all non-perishable foods. Make sure you have enough food for a week time frame. Stock up food for your pets as well. Purchase extra bags of food so you have a week supply for them as well.

Preparing your home for fall


Fall is here and that means that it is time to switch all your decorations over for the season. Before you add the spooky decorations for Halloween, try to add little changes to make your house change with the season.

Plaid Blankets


Dress up you porch, couch, or even your bed with plaid blankets. This is an easy change that is bringing the warm fall colors in. Plaid blankets, or even fall colored blankets, will bring the texture and warm feeling of the season. Another easy change is to add accent pillows to use more fall colors in your home.


Pumpkins are a crafty and cute way to add more fall on the table. You can use a plastic pumpkin vase and create a centerpiece to use year after year! You can also use a real pumpkin for a different look every time.


Mantle-Decor-101-Take-a-Look-at-This-Fall-Fireplace-1 (1).jpg

The fireplace is not just meant for stockings! Dress up you mantle with fall banners, signs, and pumpkins. This is a focal point in you home. The fireplace is where most of your guest surround and you want this to represent fall as well. Be sure to add in orange, red, and yellow to bring fall inside.



Add rustic and autumn accessories around your home. Make different arrangement to bring the feeling throughout the house. Rustic baskets will add a farm house look and are great to use with the fall colors. Adding some autumn flowers and elements will bring the centerpiece to a life.

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Labor Day!


Labor Day is right around the corner. This is an extra day off work, which means an extra long weekend! Take some time to hangout with your family that doesn't involve fighting the crazy crowds at the beach. These are at home events you can plan to do for the labor day weekend!

Camping trip.....at home

download (3).jpg

Make a fun little get away for the kids to have a fun weekend as well. Make a camp site in your back yard. Grab the tent, sleeping bags, and s'mores! This is a fun way to have the kids spend some technology free time together and this gives all the parents a chance to relax with there kids and make some dinner over the fire.



Have a bring your own barbecue party! Hosting a party can be very expensive, have all your friends bring there favorite BBQ dish and have a little bit of everything! Enjoy the BBQ food, some beverages, and let the kids play some outdoor games. 

Movie Night

Gather all your friends, family, and kids and have a movie night. Grab a small projector and use this on your house for a fun and easy night. This is a great way to relax and spend time with family and still entertain the kids with the long weekend. You can even make this a bigger event and have a movie theater themed back yard party for everyone. 

Pool Day


Of course you can always host a pool party! Have the BBQ going and a pool party for everyone. Do not deal with the crowds at the beach, enjoy the relaxation at your own pool. You can even pack a cooler at the community pool and spend time there.

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Living with your dogs


Living with your dogs can be a crazy mess. They have thier own belongings just like we do. Keep room in your home for your dog but also make what they need disappear. You can hide the necessary items as part of your decor. These are cute ways to keep the necessities out of the way and keep your furry friend happy.

Dog Bed


We all have dog beds laying all over our home, they stand out more than we would like them too. Make sure your dog has a cozy place to sleep, but you can do this in a way to enhance your decor. Try to make thier dog bed part of the decoration and not a random piece on the side. You can also have the bed on the bottom of your coffee table so it is hidden, decorated, and they can sleep close to you while staying off the furniture.

Dog Food 

Strategically place the dog bowl in you home. We all have a dog bowl that gets in the way. Having your dogs eating area built into the kitchen will avoid the issue of tripping over the bowl and spilling the water every day. This will also reduce food and water all over the floor which makes a large mess. You already have the dog bowls in the kitchen, why not make them hidden?



Make your dogs leash spot part of your decorations. Stop throwing your leash on the floor or over a chair, have a designated spot to reduce the mess and this is also a great way to make the leash part of your decor. Use a leash and treat holder near your front door so you are ready when they want to leave and you save time hunting for the leash!


Try and stay clear of fabrics that can easily be destroyed or used as a toy. Use fabrics that are tassel free and more durable than others. Try and purchase blankets that are tighter threading to reduce the blanket tearing from your dogs nails. Keep in mind the dirt your pet can bring in the home and think about getting dark furniture colors. Stay clear of silk, velvet, and light colored furniture.

Toys and Treats


Store treats and toys as part of your rooms decorations. Store treats in decorative canisters on your counter so they are out of sight and they look like part of your room. Try to do the same with your dog food and store a small decorative container inside and the excess in the garage. Keep your dogs toys organized in a bin or trendy basket. This will reduce toys all over the house and when guests are over they are easily hidden.

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Finding a color palette


Deciding on a color scheme for your home is going to be one of the largest decisions in decorating your home. A color scheme is the base for all the decorations and furniture decisions in your home. Try and take advantage of these tips when you are deciding on what colors to use next so your home is stunning and pleasing to the eye.

Use the largest pattern


Base your color scheme off the color from the largest pattern in your room. You can use this inspiration for the scheme from a large rug, artwork, or upholstery. Use one of your favorite colors in this pattern and then add this around the room for the scheme. Add a neutral wall and a crisp white baseboard color to enhance the scheme for color. 

Embrace the color wheel

A color scheme is going to look best when you are embracing the color wheel. A room will have a better feel when you pick a color and use the shades and colors close to it. This is going to have your room visually appealing. A good representation of this is using orange and red in your home, they compliment one another and are next to each other on the color wheel. 

60-30-10 Rule


Take full use of the 60-30-10 rule. This is when you decorate a space and you are separating components.

  • 60% of the room should be a dominant color such as the walls 
  • 30% of the room is the secondary color which is normally upholstery
  • 10% of the room is the accent color which is all the accessories

Your style


Showcase your personal style. For a color scheme you still want to have your style included. Stay in the colors you have decided on and add different aspects that represent you. Try to use brown as a base color and add a pop of color of your choice. Adding rustic details are also going to allow the room to have additional shades and colors to help the scheme.

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Bringing Nature in your home with Decor


Bringing nature into your home is easier than it seems. There are plenty tricks and ideas to give you the open outdoor feeling inside. Try and make your home represent the outside with colors, decorations, textures, patterns, and natural elements. 


1. Add nature elements in your home. I love to have wooden candles in my home to add a rustic texture. You can also use stone for a more modern look. You can use stone clocks and bookends to add the element in your home more. Try to use picture frames with rustic wood instead of a plain black frame, the little elements will enhance the outdoor feel.


2. Add plenty of plants in your home. Bring the natural colors in your home with plants. Make your space look fresh and open with taller plants in clear jars. If you feel the room is lacking the nature feel add some more plants! Try to use them in different ways by hanging them from the wall, in a center piece, or by the TV. You can use colored flowers to add the pop of color in your home.


3. Use nature as a focal point in a room. You can go bold with this aspect as well to have an eye catching piece. You can have a unique custom piece as seen in the picture to definitely perfect the look. You can also do a stone counter to do a cleaner nature look. Another great way to achieve this look is to do an accent table. Refurbished wooden tables are unique and beautiful.


4. Use natural floors. Natural flooring brings the little imperfections in. Nature is not pristine and neither are wood floors. The different variations of color will add different elements to you home. This will set the tone of the room. You can use the floor to lighten up the room as well so you have more of an open feel. Try and stay away from dark colors that will make the room too modern or dark.

5. Keep as much natural lighting as you possibly can. Try to not cover up windows with furniture or curtains. Open the space up and show off the natural lighting. If possible, add extra windows in your home to enhance the lighting.


6. Use elements found in nature for decorations. Throw in little pieces of nature around. Instead of an empty jar use some pine cones and bark in it. Or maybe even add feathers and some leaves. This is giving the warm tones that nature has. Natual elements add different tones and textures in your home so it is not as flat of a look. This is a great look to do on bookshelves and in bathrooms.

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Preparing for Back-to-School Season


Transitioning to back-to-school time is always a hassle. As a parent, you need to transition just like your child does for this busy time of the year. You are always questioning yourself on if you are prepared for the new school year or not. Organization can take you a long way! Here are some tips on how to get prepared and be excited again for the new school year!

Your sleep routine needs to get back on track! 

download (2).jpg

To calm down the stress of getting ready for school in the morning, try and have a sleeping schedule. This is going to ensure that you are ready for the day and you can prepare your child as well. Try starting this, with your child, two weeks before school starts. This is going to help you gradually change your schedule. 

School supplies is the main task to over come!

Schools have so many supplies that your child is required to have. Go shopping early and avoid the rush. Make sure you have enough supplies so they are prepared for their first day. They are always worried about starting school, don't let them worry about being prepared.  Stock up on binders, notebooks, pencils, pens, and sticky notes.

Set up a homework area in your home!

Homework is stressful and is not the first thing your child will ever want to do. Make them want to do homework and give them a specific area. Make sure they have enough lighting, space, and privacy. Keep the noise down so they can focus! Make sure there are no distractions in the area that can make them procrastinate. Also, make sure you are close enough to this area to assist them when they need help! 



Main back to school tips:

Stay organized! Make sure you reduce extra papers and have a clear scheduled of what you and your child need to accomplish daily. 

Turn off the TV and video games. Make sure they are completely focused on the task at hand. Keep TV and video games from them until they are finish. This can motivate them to work harder and then they have more time to spend with the family. 

Review the school rules and information. This one is mainly for the parents! Make sure you know the dress code and expectations of your child so that you are setting them up for success. 

Make an after-school plan as well. Have a fun activity planned for after school. Let them relieve some stress after a long day and then get to homework!

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Functional and Stylish Ways to Organize your Home


Organizing and storage is always a common concern we all have when decorating a room. We have so many different items that we need but we do not want to have them out on display. These are some ways that you can have the extra storage, stay organized, and stay stylish.


Bathroom storage:

Bathroom storage is always a concern when you have  a small half bath in your home. A stylish way to store towels and bathroom necessities are cute hanging baskets. This way you have everything you need for guest in a clean, organized way. 


Entrance way:

The entrance of your home should not be a crazy clutter mess of shoes, purses, jackets, and book bags. This functional piece of furniture can solve the mess. You have some baskets to hide those dirty shoes so your home is still stylish. The hooks are great to have to organize your kids school bags as well. This way the bags are off the floor. You can also store extra keys in the baskets to reduce clutter on your counter.


Sitting area:

In your living or family room you always need space for the game controllers, remotes, and blankets. This is an eye catching piece of furniture that can store all your living room items and it is a stylish piece for your home. You can use a chest, storage ottomans, or a built in shelf table. These are great ways to have the storage and the style.


Kids play area:

The kids play room is always the first place to need organized. You can use these cute organized shelves that add a pop of color to the room. This way your kids can learn how to put items away and they can have a spot that is away from the floor. 

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Enhancing Small Spaces!


We all have one room in our home that is a little smaller then the rest. We all run into this issue and try to make this space seem twice as big. here are some tips on how to make that small room feel bigger! 



In your family area, if this room is on the smaller size, an easy fix is a mirror! Accent mirrors are going to make the room look larger instead of putting a regular picture up. This will give your living space dimension. They also are a great way to add a pop of color or texture to the wall.  Your small living space will seem more open, and have a beautiful wall piece.  You can do this for any room that is smaller, not just the living space! 



Painting your bedroom a light color can also make the space larger. These colors are able to reflect the light and make this space brighter and seem more spacious. Dark colors are going to make that small space smaller. 



Space saving furniture is going to be the best option for you! Having space saving furniture will utilize the space that is normally over looked. You are able to store clothes under the bed instead of having an extra dresser that will make the space crowded.  You can also do this by avoiding excess furniture as well.

Built in furniture is also a great choice. You are able to have extra space and have this storage above and around your bed. This can make the wall appear bigger with that extra space for storage. This can be mounted shelving as well. You are able to have a clean look and put the shelving on top of a desk.



Clear furniture is going to enhance your room. This is using the same amount of space but will give the illusion that the space is much bigger then it is. This is great for desks in your room so that you can still ave the desk but have the look you want as well. 

All of these tips are great for converting your boring, useless space into a beautiful and open room. Useing all of these ideas together are going to help you acheive the look you are looking for! 

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Making space in your garage!


We all have that pesky garage space that never seems to be organized. Don't you wish that you can actually store your car inside your garage again instead of clutter? Well this page is just the right thing for you if you would like to actually see your car in your garage again. These are some ways to organize your garage and get the most of your extra storage space!


Bike Racks: 

Bikes are a big item that most of us have in our garages. Especially if you have a family, these bikes can take over usable garage space that you have. A great way to get more space is to purchase a bike rack like in this picture. This way you can store all of your families bikes against the wall. This is taking up about 1/2 of the space, maybe even less, then they did before! This is also a good way to get to the other bikes without knocking them all over, because i'm sure you have done that too!


Overhead container storage:

These overhead storage racks can pick up the clutter you have on the ground. These are great to store the containers you need, but you do not use that frequently. Having these overhead storage racks are handy for putting all of your decorations. You can store Christmas decorations here and you can even put the tree box above so it is out of sight. This will then leave much more available space for you since you do not need these boxes down all year long.


Tool Storage: 

Tools are one item that can be lost and scattered in seconds. There are so many small pieces that need to be together. I know my garage used to have nails scattered on the floor from boxed being knocked over. Using a tool box can organize this clutter. This is going to make searching for tool much faster. This is also leaving you with more space.

Garage Shelving:

These shelving units are easy to put together and they are very useful. This is great for storing the extra items you don't have room for inside. You can store the extra paper towels, baby toys, dog food, and even old clothes. This is a good way to make sues of the space and to keep that clutter out of the home and off the garage floor. 


4th of July DIY Outdoor Projects


Fourth of July is right around the corner and we all want to ensure that our homes are just as ready for the holiday as we are. We all gather together to see family, celebrate, and cook out. Most of the celebration is planned in your outdoor living space. These are some fun, and easy, do it yourself outdoor decorations to bring that patriotic feel to your celbration. 


DIY Mason Jar Lanterns

These are a cute and patriotic way to get use out of the old mason jars laying around. These jars are a cute addition to add to your outdoor living space to decorate for your holiday celebration. All you need to do is fill the bottom of the mason jar with sand, then you add your tea light in the middle of the jar, and then you simply place the flag along the back in the jar. Then you will have a cute patriotic lantern to place at the table for guests to see. These lanterns are a cute and fun way to light up your celebration!

Supplies: Mason Jar, Tea lights, Mini Flags, and Sand.



DIY Red, White, and Blue Pot

This is a cute and easy painting craft to bring some more patriotic colors to your outside living space. This is an easy to make flower pot. All you need to do is find a flower pot at your local hardware store. Then you can simply paint the flower pot in any patriotic design you chose. Try and make different patterns with multiple pots for a cite look!

Supplies: Flower pot, Red paint, White paint, Blue paint, and Paint brushes.


DIY Bandanna Silverware Holder

This DIY silverware holder is a cute and functional way to decorate. All you to be is place a red or blue bandanna in a mason jar. If you do not want to use bandannas you can also use colored napkins for the same job. Then, you place the silverware in the jar as well. You can use these at each place on the table or use them for buffet style. 

Supplies: Red and Blue Bandannas (or napkins), Silverware, and Mason jars.


How to Reduce Dust in the Home


When it comes to dust in your home you can never fully eliminate it completely, its a continuous problem that everyone has to deal with.  However, the best solution is to keep out as much as possible and regularly keep on top of it through proper cleaning. Below I have provided some effective ways to do as such. 

  • Door Mats-  Using sturdy door mats on the inside and out of your home to trap dirt and dust will cut down the amount that come into your home significantly.
  • Vacuuming- The best way to eliminate dust is with vacuuming. The general rule is to vacuum each room once per week and the high traffic areas every other day. Make Sure to use the hose to get in the corners of baseboards and tight spaces. 
  • Feather DustersFeather Dusters Are a big NO NO! They Don't have much use, other than just pushing dust around. The best materials to use when dusting are; a microfiber cloth, dusting spray and a vacuum hose with the brush. 

  • Forgotten Areas- Ceiling fan blades are a big item to keep up with as they hold lots of dust. Besides, who wants to cut a fan on and have dust fly over their heads? Blinds, they are a pain to clean but if not done regularly it becomes a tough task. On top of places like bathroom cabinets, refrigerators, cabinets, etc.
  •  Pets-  Pets carry extra dust and shed often, Make sure to run the vacuum brush over the air vent to get any excess pet hair off.

How to Prevent Mold


Mold can be quite scary for many reasons The main reason being it can produce allergens and toxins that can be harmful to your health. It can be very bad if its growing undetected in your home. It can grow anywhere, drywall, carpet, inside walls around leaking pipes, bathroom tiles and ceilings.The answer to mold prevention is moisture control. 

  • Identify problem areas-  Maybe you notice condensation on your windows or a water spot on the ceiling above your shower. Some problems may be a minor fix such as sealing the window a little better or installing a mold resistant product. However, no matter what you want to address the area before it becomes major. Mold can't grow without moisture.
  • Reduce Humidity- Mold grows anywhere after the humidity is 55%. The Best way to keep humidity low in your home is through ventilation. Open windows during the day while its hot. It's important to ventilate the rooms that keep moisture like the bathroom and kitchen. Try using a Dehumidifier as they can reduce the humidity. 
  • Minimize mold spores- Mold spores enter homes through windows, doors, air ducts, etc. They can also be transported inside attached to skin, clothing, hair, pets, etc. To minimize mold spores clean and dust often. Also vacuum your home regularly. 
  • Use sunlight- Try to keep the blinds open or the curtains pulled back. Mold grows in dark, damp places. 

If you think you have a mold problem and aren't sure how to fix it you can always call a professional for a second opinion. It's better to be safe than sorry and let what could be a problem become out of hand. 

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Are you Traveling for the Summer?


Airplanes, road trips, mountains, beaches, theme parks, all of which sound like an escape from reality. Some people get stressed when traveling and that shouldn't be the case. Vacations should be fun and stress free. The biggest headache to most is planning and saving for the trip. There are a bunch of ways to save for these vacations. Many websites have year round discounts and package deals. I like to use hotels.com, I recently got a great package deal going to  Las Vegas which included airfare and hotel stay. A few other good websites include: Travelocity, Expedia,  and Trip Advisor. Below I've listed a few ways to save money while on vacation.

Pack Snacks- 

 You can never go wrong with packing snacks, they keep you from spending money when you don't need to. I cant express enough how much i would spend if i didn't keep granola bars in my car. Water is also very handy. Keep a couple water bottles on hand. Why spend $4 on a bottle of water when you can spend the same amount on a case of it. Don't spend money on items you don't have to. 

Hotel Stays-

 Find a hotel with a mini fridge and microwave. It annoys me to the ends of the world when I'm in my hotel room and I get hungry or thirsty and I have to go find a vending machine or order delivery. A couple of years ago I learned it's easier to go to the nearest grocery store and buy minimal items i can heat up or store in the mini fridge. Again, buy minimal "waste not, want not." You don't want to have a bunch of items to throw away. Try to find a hotel that offers free breakfast. Also, when buying items for the trip invest in those mini reusable travel bottles and fill your own shampoo and soaps with them. They're cheaper than having to keep buying travel sized bottles. 

 Walk more-

 If you are flying and staying close to your destination (like the city) walk around. It's not only good exercise it saves on getting a car. If you do need to go somewhere a little further you can always get an Uber.  A lot of times uber has discount codes on their app and it's fairly cheap


 If you have a credit card that offers rewards then use them. Whether its points on flights or cash back rewards. Any savings help. Don't stop looking for deals/savings you will be surprised when you find out how many different places offer discounts. 

Be safe this summer traveling, use sunblock, drink plenty of water, and have fun on your vacation. 


"We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us" -Anonymous

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Eight Storage Solutions and Ideas

nice-office-storage-solutions-amid-inexpensive-styles (1).jpg

Throughout the year we often find our selves only using an item for a short time. Whether its clothes, tools, winter or summer shoes, extra blankets in the winter, etc. To keep from cluttering there are many ways we can store such things.  When you dont have to time, funds or space for a full on renovation you have to get creative.

Here are 8 clever storage ideas and solutions for your home.


2. Suitcases make great storage space-

Store items in suit cases. Again, those winter boots, scarves,etc. You can squeeze suitcases almost anywhere. The attic, closet, also under the bed. Or if you cute/stylish luggage you can stack them up. 

1. Under the bed storage-

 If you have a bed that sits off the ground you can fill storage bins and slide them right underneath. I personally have mine filled with winter clothes at the moment. 


4. Shelves- 

You can never go wrong by hanging shelves on the wall. Many people stack books on them. Shelves have many purposes, plants, decorative items, picture frames, clocks and more.

3.Bathroom Cabinets-

You can often find over the door shoe organizers fairly cheap. If you cut these in halves you can hang them inside the cabinet and stock them with extra soaps, hair accessories, curling irons, blow dryers and much more.   


5. Old Shower Caddies-

Reusing items around your home can be beneficial. Maybe its time to buy a new shower caddy? Instead of throwing the old one out buy a small can of paint and repaint it. Hang it on the wall in your office or bathroom and store cute jars on it. Fill it them with pencils etc. 



6. Old Shoe Boxes- 

If you have any shoe boxes laying around wrap them in decorative paper and use them as storage boxes. I keep coloring pencils and crayons in mine. I saw a post on Pinterest where someone cute holes in the side to put their phone chargers in and placed it on their nightstand. 


7. Hang Hooks-

Hang hooks in the kitchen above the stove or sing to store utensils such as spatulas, spoons, or even pots and pans. It keeps the clutter down and its easy to reach.  



                                    8. Using Containers-

Instead of keeping food in bags and boxes use storage containers and jars. You can stack them and compact them to where they take up less space. Plus they look elegant. 

Decluttering Your Home


" To everything there is a season, a time to keep and a time to cast away."- Ecclesiastes 3:6

Less mess means less stress!


Everyone has clutter they can get rid of. You'll be surprised how much decluttering your home can improve your life. Many of us feel overwhelmed when it comes to the idea of decluttering. We come up with a ton of excuses " I will need this someday, so and so gave this to me, i spent money on that." The list goes on. Like most things in life the most important step is just getting started. 


1. Make a checklist

  • Having a check list to follow can be essential in your clutter free journey. It will have you checking for items you could easily overlook and not give a second thought about. 

2. Choose where to start-

  • Pick the spot that causes the most stress to you. If you have an area that makes you want to run away or not look at it, pick that one. 
  • Whether it's a bedroom, junk drawer, or garage start in one spot and start small. 

3. Give it away!

  • We often keep many things we don't need. It collects dust, we forget about it or just don't find use for it anymore.

  • Those old books, shoes, clothes, kids toys and more give them away. Find someone who will appreciate (new to them) items. You will not only feel good about helping some one but you will also get rid of things you don't need. 

  • Don't have any one in mind? Donate them to a salvation army or similar place.

4.  Trash it- 

  • Junk mail, extra loved clothing or shoes, broken items, or odd socks. throw it in a trash bag and see how quickly it piles up. 

  • Go through the bathroom and trash those empty bottles of shampoo or expired medicines. 

5. Give yourself a time limit-

  • Give your self a specific amount of time (set a timer if you'd like). Whether it's 5 or 10 minutes commit to this time. This will help you complete the specific task.  
  • Clear off the counter, pick a shelf, set up a filing system, pick out old clothes most of the things we need to declutter wont take more than 5 or 10 minutes. 
"Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, you ought to set up a life you don’t need to escape from." -Seth Godin

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  • To learn about safety and communication tips, please check out the Ready.gov website.
  • To learn more about emergency preparedness and personal safety, please refer to USA.gov website.
  • To get more detailed and up-to-date information about weather happening in your area, please refer to the Weather.gov website.
  • Refer to your local news and government entities for additional directions specific to your situation.




  • Keep rain gutters & downspouts clear of debris.
  • Close all blinds, you may choose to board windows, to avoid shattering glass. Click here for tips on boarding windows.
  • Place rolled towels along the bottom of all exterior doors & windows.
  • When available, use sandbags to prevent flooding.



  • It is important to know the proper shut-off for utilities long before a disaster occurs. This is something that should be a part of every emergency plan according to https://www.ready.gov/safety-skills - ‘Know How To Shut-Off Utilities."If you smell gas or hear a blowing or hissing noise, open a window and get everyone out quickly. Turn off the gas by using the outside main valve if you can. Be sure to call the gas company from a neighbor's home.
  • Caution: if you turn off the gas for any reason, a qualified professional must turn it back on. NEVER attempt to turn the gas back on yourself.



  • Weather patterns and wildfires can move very fast. If you're asked to evacuate the area, do so immediately and know your local evacuation plan.
  • As recommended by government agencies, the use of personal portable generators is not permitted due to the inherent dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning, the increased risk of fire or electrocution, and the risk of electrocution to utility personnel attempting to restore services.
  • Turn off all electric appliances and unplug small appliances.
  • Turn your refrigerator and freezer to the coldest setting. Keep them closed as much as possible so that food will last longer if the power goes out. However, empty the refrigerator or freezer if the power outage exceeds 24 hours.
  • WE highly recommend Renter's Insurance. As we do not cover loss or damage to personal property, please evaluate your insurance needs & coverage with your insurance carrier.
  • Please preserve any patio furniture. Be sure to cover everything that's affixed to the ground, or that cannot be moved, on your patio, deck or yard to protect them from wind and weather damage. Store items that can be moved indoors or in your garage to prolong their shelf life and avoid other types of damage.
  • To be further informed, brochures for individuals are available to the public (in multiple languages), please visit the Ready.gov website and search under the "Brochures" section.


CALL 911 IMMEDIATELY FOR ALL EMERGENCIES (i.e fire) prior to notifying Suncoast Property Management


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Happy Cinco De Mayo!


Although we love to celebrate Cinco De Mayo with taco's, drinks, and music there is some interesting history behind the holiday. Cinco De Mayo is a day to celebrate Mexican Heritage and pride. While most Americans think it is a Mexican Independence Day, it is actually a day to celebrate the unexpected victory against the French in 1862 on May 5th (Cinco De Mayo). 

Even though we love to celebrate, we also have to drink responsibly. Always make sure you have a designated driver (who is sober)  if you're drinking. If you happen to binge drink while out, there are plenty of companies who will drive you to your designated area. Uber, Lyft, and AAA towing are a few companies that offer discounts or free rides on this date.  Remember to drink responsibly and don't let your friends drive drunk either. 

Fun Events, Food, and Drink Specials: 

  • Wicked Barley Brewing Company- Hosting their 2nd annual Cinco De Mayo Festival, from 11am-11pm. The day will be filled with taco's, live music and beer.
  • Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp- They are hosting a family movie night screening the movie CoCo starting at 6 pm and will be $1 at the gate. There will be face painting, souvenirs, and more.  
  • The Jacksonville Landing-  A free celebration with live music, drinks, and food starting at 5pm. 

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Honoring One Of Our Very Own Troops!


Our Accounting Manager: Sarah Tatum's husband, Chief Boatswain's Mate, Scott Tatum is currently overseas in the  GULF OF TADJOURA, Djibouti. Assigned to Coastal Riverine Squadron (CRS) 10. CRS-10 is forward-deployed to the U.S. 6th Fleet area of operations and conducts joint and naval operations, often in concert with allied and inter-agency partners, in order to advance U.S. national interests and security and stability in Europe and Africa. 

Thank you , Chief Boatswain's Mate Scott Tatum for your services for our Country!