Owner Investor FAQ’s

  • Why is Jacksonville, Florida a good place to invest in rental properties?
    • In 2016, Jacksonville, Florida has been rated the #2 place in the United States for residential turnkey investing because we have a strong local economy and the future potential for home price appreciation is 15.39% from 2013-2015. Jacksonville’s ratio of median home price to market rents is approximately 10.38% according to data from Zillow.com. Our unemployment rate is at 4.7%. We have a population growth from 2000-2013 of about 24%. All in all, our market temperature is HOT and with the right guidance and Management Company, you will be sure to realize a stout return on your Jacksonville investment. Investment Properties are a huge part of the success of Suncoast Property Management.
  • How long before I can expect to start earning income on my property?
    • This depends on how much work needs to occur prior to marketing and renting your property. However, if Suncoast Property Management puts the home under management and it is, in fact, rent ready – then you should allow for time to market the home and get a qualified tenant into the home. This time varies depending upon several factors, including the area the home is located in, the condition of the home, the drive-up appeal of the home, and the rental list price. So we can’t tell you an exact timeline.
  • What do I need to do once I close on the property?
    • You should be under a management agreement with Suncoast Property Management prior to closing so that the management team can get started immediately on either renovating your new investment, turning your new investment or marketing the home. All of those details should be worked out prior to closing to help alleviate any additional waiting periods.  Call or email Chandler Janger. She is the Suncoast Property Management Investor Relations Manager and she will walk you through all of the details and the on-boarding process.
  • Can I choose to not allow pets, smokers, and large families?
    • Suncoast Property Management 100% complies with the Fair Housing Act. For you, this means that you cannot choose to not allow someone that is a member of a protected class under this particular act. You can, however, choose to not allow pets and smokers in your home, but you cannot deny a service animal. Suncoast Property Management strongly encourages you to allow pets as we have found that most families have a pet. We charge a $350 non-refundable pet deposit to each family with up to two pets.
  • How does Suncoast Property Management report the occupancy and vacancy details to me?

For information on our tenant screening criteria - Click Here.